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Monday, March 17, 2008


bow wow concert burger king violence

The violence itself... This is the part of the movie where you make up a story and then say there are parts of the story "that only the killer would know"... I saw mike come in ahead of some police officers and then we threw everyone out of the loby.. Looks like there were a large number of kids without any supervision.. They couldn't handle that from a rap concert.. We don't know if the other kids were agents from the waterburger in corpus christi or not...

potrait of an obama suporter.. She wants her boyfriend to stay home at night and not go out stimulating the economy every night...

There was something I heard about getting a woman who's teeth matched my pocket watch.. It's a model thing (or an artwork thing) but projected onto someone else, I was just after the cheap walmart watch.. I may write it down for a 7dl (a 7 day adventure game write The equilivent of a short story)..

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