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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


texas primary

I was looking at the signs in corpus christi from the standpoint of a pedestrian and saw only signs for the democratic primary.. obama vs clinton ... We saw alot of buisness at the downtown burger king.. The republican primary belongs to mccain so there was nothing and the other state offices in the republican part tend to be ones that are not contested.. I was telling people at work that the secret service is probily watching them.. someone should be anyway... Not much time for blogging working two jobs fti and burger king... I am only half way through converting a 40+ manual of fbsl that probily comes out to a few web pages but it is alot of work and I have alot of other things to do... I am doing a few paragraphs this morning... I was thinking of writing a inc (include) file converter for a couple of basic scripting languages... I am after a realy good bcx compiler with alot of libraries.. that will probily wait awhile.. I could use some content though that gets traffic over a period of time..

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