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Tuesday, April 01, 2008



One guy from osha (in corpus christi texas) is telling people that if you wan't more osha services you should vote democrat.. It's a telling statement, If a democrat is in management and they want to get married to other democrats they should try to be unsafe.. On the other hand if they are to unsafe they may find themselves in forced cohabitation with other demo-crats (and some non-democrats).. At the burger king in corpus christi.. Instead of putting a bun toaster that is unplugged near the sink where we have standing water we as a company want to put the bun toaster on the other side of a dip where there is a chance of destroying the bun toaster as it flys off the table with wheels and place a freezer with exposed (now wrapped with electrical tape) where there is standing water.. It increases the level of excitement and the chance of death (In a way that would look cool on the security cameras). We did get an oil transporter, for awhile we were risking getting serious burns (looks even cooler than death from a security film standpoint) With citgo here in town how hard could it realy be for osha to get extra funding??? Seems like they are trying to tick people off... At least here in town we could have a couple of them dedicated to citgo along with a couple of cia.

I may be getting some traffic from 7dlr so I may add to my pages in that even though it could be a year befour I see traffic again.. seems like a jump sometime during spring break

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