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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


it felt like riot at the burger king

... It felt like there was going to be a riot at the burger king ...
.... I was talking about that loudly befour we through everyone out ....

It is not a riot it was a fight she says (as if her father was scolding her and misconstruing the circumstance .............

get your own blog or post it to the board..

I saw a croud gather like it was a car wreck or something else people enjoy..
I heard we are going to get a profit sharing plan so that we can deny we had anything to do with the riot at the waterburger.

It felt like riot.. It has something to do with when the body bags from iraq hit the ap wire.. The harrasment is a little more entence... It is a game of hang man where the first letter if t and last letter of n are already given.. even when you when you loose and who is getting hanged.. They get special favours from citgo probily...

raising funds.. this is her fault she doesn't want to get a hotel room... I suspect it is just an argument about wanting something and not giving anything in return..

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