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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


all or nothing gates, evil kity and other questions

I neglected to say there is a wm by the sidewalk... speculation is that when you program windows and you have all these variable that start with wm this that and the other that it stands for william (for bill gates)... A nothing gates.. wm.destroy.. one of the burning questions we have about corpus christi what is an evil kity... I thought I would ignore this and tell the real conspracy of other names on staples street...

gc (golden corral).. it would be gc.exe or gcc.exe on newer versions..
gas (Yes we have gas on staples) gnu assembler

many languages use on ore the other to compile or compile to..

someone who is anti-symantec "c compiler"
symantec "c compiler"

renamed to digital mars has the number one spot with important articles about d like hijack


would come up with thier own version
like this one by david freedman that list various targets that it will compile to
gnu d (pronounced knew d)

because gnu d is a free language I will have to bought a stake dinner to roleplay it further.... That is what she should have done in the first place instead of roleplaying an apparel shop case closed

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