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Sunday, June 15, 2008


all or nothing tatoos

Here are some thoughts about a strip mall in corpus christi down staples street.. It has pauls sea food next to a all or nothing tatoo. There is a quote from one of the assembler books I have been reading that an and gate is an all or nothing gate.. That turns that into paul and gates (the founders of microsoft)... That is as far as my roleplaying goes but there is autism (publication) and q something or other (I could roleplay that as the q language but I won't yet).

Turns out that it is company policy to hire stupid people at burger king.. even with the orange boxes right by him he has to get in my way and take mine.. I will have to get his name so that I can have the number one spot for idiot plus corpus christi.. The indy burger is fantastic spicy and... might be good with jal.. peppers realy hot peppers without spell check..

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