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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


bank of america cc policy

I just recieved my bank of america cc statement... I had complained several times they had changed thier policy about a prime rate deal they were offering building a delay into it that benifited thier profits that was never in it befour... They finaly lowered rates a second time... what else did they do... Put 34 days into my other card and the calulations were thrown off... computer wasn't designed for 34 days and the declosed rates were calulated wrong.. put 32 days into the month for the card that was lowered.. this resulted in a higher payment... At best the state atourney general or whoever deals with this could get me maybe $40 in damages plus I have been traumitized... This is a potential earnings hit but they have a higher dividend and they are a risky short.. Are they a mobed up florida bank??? Only time will tell.

Some physc doc explains that the reason why people write free software is that they want love. I am not sure how this realy works paid software writers hate you and for music software.. I love you and I have a big microphone to prove it.
Computer and the internet are scary places.. Filled with perverts, members of the russian mob.. If it can be done by the local mob it can be done on the internet. I write software fear me.. I have the number 1 spot for your adress on the internet.. Your licence plate numbers.. I posted where you are hiding drugs in your car.. I want your love they say...


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