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Monday, June 09, 2008


das ende .... Assembly language step by step..

The book is dos... dos is ended.. (or the end from a german jeskola buzz site I may have the spelling wrong memory and all)..
There is music software in this book.. on page 82 we go from

9.1.1 (data registers)..

hex can be represented by 24h ( h for hex ) or with the $ symbol.. this creates all kinds of fun for search engines.. fl is mentioned.. (Fruty loops could be a reference to the letters but they stand for flag registers. The book has alot of music stuff in it. )..

some odd statements ...

using mov...

mov1.dem (move one democrat???)

I haven't even had that much time to look through this.. copyright is 1989 - 1993 or 1990 - 1993
My thoughts are you would look for work that uses this as a source..

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