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Friday, June 20, 2008


sunday travel down Santa Fe corpus christi

We have started the affeminate black man wants to talk to me on sunday mornings and ask me for money thing so I avoid him and then go down sixth street and lawnview.. He seems to try to aproach me with instructions he gets on what to say. One week he had a father knows best shirt amusing if you have ever went to the clubs.. I nose her well but I am not the father.. (this is my belief not fact)... I am starting to get some white women trying to pressure me into walking the same direction????... I was asked for money and so I walked down the same street as the church named for the devil in the bible but drug addicts of all types believe in satinism and abuse now... (There are race reasons for the name and proving white and black people don't get along may be part of the goal for wanting the interaction)..... I don't realy have time for the crap and realy when you get right down to it the person looks alot like one of the registered perverts on the internet... I have my douts that the person is trying to get my trust because they think robert is or isn't a sucker and his kid is at work... The doors are locked and he is outside.. just a fact of life.. He seems a little mhmr so someone who doesn't want him in the neiborhood (the black neiborhood) may want to try to get him into a conspiracy to guarentee an arrest.. it looks like bad new all around.. This sunday will mark the forth week this person has been visiable when I left work at spots between pmi and the catholic hospital... It is a pretty narrow range of locations and I have a fairly large range of travel I may miss it my a mile or so..

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