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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


termed at f.t.i.

I was termed at f.t.i. in corpus christi texas... The job consisted of what was starting to seem like planned interactions at lunch and and... Here are the messages on the wall

1) We are responcible (It's our fault?? ha ha)
2) We build relationships (Someone thinks it is an alternative lifestyle dating service?))

I am listening to some obnoxious stuff destination unknown about he has never been married exc exc.. I wasn't sure of the source but this guy (probily an alternitive lifestyle guy) was talking about his father being in the military (Not sure if that is a relitive or priest)... So what are you saying I can't be around women whats your point.. He didn't quite confess to being radio active and sexualy abusive.. You are supposed to assume meaning that everyone that sorta sounds like a woman is a woman.. exc. exc.. The employees are the enemy, well maybe not all the employees but you could see how those on the special pervert section would think like that.. You are supposed to understand what these people are thinking.. exc. exc..

The training is good for podcasting.. that is the original training with adriana.. So I should go in with what I have learned and test to see what the 'market responce' is.. being someone who understands a nich market and is aware that there is alot more bandwith available on the radio than there used to be.. someone has to do something with it.. why not all these podcasts and more..

I will not acquiesce in on it. I regard as warm-hearted post. Specially the appellation attracted me to read the intact story.
Good fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.
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