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Sunday, August 24, 2008


bernie the burning (or flaming) man of burger king

corpus christi downtown burger king. It is fun to set the fryer up so that it has a reaction with water when we are away.. This has something to do with chicken and something that melts or something as the fryer gets hotter. At least if your name is bernie the burning man of burger king. You read literature of people naming their kids things like Sherrie and brandy because of alcohol. If your dad is an arsonist is your name Bernie??.. It boiled over once, I turned it off it stopped game over and then I turned the fryer back on ..

http://www.watchtower.org/ Jehovah's Witnesses are big in town (and we are trying to find one that witnessed Bernie).. several weeks of convention and lots of business if these wierdo's don't burn the store down...

tonight the chick from the state police asked me what I did on the weekend... Did I tell her I parsed out and behave like the token white guy.. (writing parsers and looking at parser tokens anyway) No just say I was writing software and didn't say it is going to be really cool...

del mar.. I was looking at jobs at del mar... They are using grant money to hire and some other things I notice about del mar.. They back the jazz festival in a huge way and also have older computers and really up to date musical math theory magazines that maybe me and one person from the faculty reads.. They had a bunch of old heathkit synths in the warehouse.. This is the stuff that new music festivals are made of... It's like the karaoke place.... alter the marketing just a little bit... I.e. advertise in the computer club newsletters and play their stuff with the karaoke where you can hear it outside at the greyhound... I am not seeing them as being that interested...

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