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Thursday, August 28, 2008


burger king loby

oorpus christi texas... homeless guy blond sun bleached blond his hair is naturally red is hanging out in the burger king lobby with the bosses kid (skinhead robert).. His voice does is sound like robert heady somewhat.. good question he is was hanging out by the grey hound just one street over from the 911 all the time. He is missing two teeth so his voice may sound different than 2001 also cigarettes and time.. His probily isn't the voice and time.

We are talking about the bushes.. looks like the stripes cameras are blocked but he says one of the bushes was removed.. I told him it makes it easier for us to go to the bankruptcy court you can tell we are running out of cash because we can't afford maintenance.. looks like a Chinese restaurant that used to be on the outer road..

If I take the 1 from the 1911 leaving 911 (by the korke bar) and then take the okie (saxit oak 12) in a figure 8 I get 1.8 by the citgo plant... cancer... or in the nation of islam spinoff in k.c. I get the nation of the earth and gods code build..destroy It also goes by john a cemetery on the north side.. nation of islam was on the north side and then went to the other side of town before it disappeared

Some comments were made about the management of the roxy downtown. The club may have been scaring people a little. One guy was across the street once trying to get my attention even though I was on the other side of the street. One of them told me I didn't meet the dress code and that probily forshadowed thier problems in a way.

some men treasure thier girl friend exc.. exc.. and they don't make them be with other people I heard tuesday night.. I think she is excuminicating the wrong resteraunt..


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