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Friday, August 01, 2008


burger king

I am getting yelled at alot now at the burger king in corpus christi. I work 9 and a half hours or so without a break and if we get to much buisness I get in trouble for not getting my work done. On the down side if we don't get any buisness any more I will not have a job. It is like the programming book I booght recently that talked about starbucks and said realy all they do is move money to thier data base. If selling coffee doesn't work they will find another way to do it. Seems that somewhere along the line that having customers is getting in the way of getting the work done. Seems like a silly concept. All I can realy do is complain and when I go back and look at the compaints the coupon adds come up.. It is the special backstab the cook and get x amount off.. You won't find that at wendy's. The blog is supposed to show underlined links now but I don't see it..

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