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Sunday, August 10, 2008


C.O. Powel

C.O. Powel is seen in the streets of corpus christi texas I am not talking about Colin Powel, I am talking about one of the old concrete pourers who have thier names in the sidewalks... 1911 (I lost where this was at) .. june 1912 (In the rear of an artitect. 1916 by the newspaper the corpus christi caller times .. these are some of the sites I was going to in 2001 and still do, pasing by such names as sherman exc... In a city with the military and citgo can you ask what do you get when you want to get move out an army of 1 .. 911 .. goa music go army it's all in the context and I would have to find it again to realy get the feel of it..


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