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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


the quiet befour what.

all's quiet mostly I hear the person I heard when I sent a resume to robstown for a part time dishwashing job that I don't have any interest in. It includes my software... I am after grants or co-marketing so it could be fruitful I here what do I have to do to get that to stop get you fired. Yesterday (sunday I heard the death threat, how is that not the intention when you hear audio harrasment )... It's not the resume it is the dex tracker.. just the word I think... I think it is called electronic stalking.. On the way home it is quiet and then when I walk up the hill towards the police department (rented space) I hear that he went to a fruit club. over and over... they are cops aren't they?? they have to go to the fruits and they are statisly more likely to need thier incarceration services.

I have seen her for 4 of the last 8 days.. Ya but what does she want, she smiled once sunday when she past by, it is always on the other side of the street.. It isn't threatning it is just wierd.. I changed my route,

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