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Monday, August 04, 2008



I went to my job interview today.. hopfuly it went well. THE BIG FIGHT AT THE BURGER KING in corpus christi texas .. This is silly but where do you dig these people up at. chris or whoever he is supposed to be wants to turn all my fryers off so that I can't use them and then wanted to move the refigerater and then not plug it in.. Everything o.k. in there behind those eyes.. I am getting alot of people hanging around phones and asking for money.. I don't think it sounded bad enough where I would have to be tracked outside of work to see If I am going over the bridge or not.. I am getting something like that on the bridge, has the look and feel of stalking I lost one of them and then get to hear him talk about it from half a block away.. eerie..

I have permission to distribute calico and there is no permission needed for the 'Demo' that is with stk.. hopefully the new version befour colege starts..

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