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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


star street and c.o.powel 911 ( corpus christi )

Corpus Christi Texas ( tx ) It is around the corner on star street.... We are walking away from the newspaper.. befour we turn down star street we see C.O. powel 1911... I step on the one.. The buildings are dallas motel... and then crawdady's resteraunt.. The building with the same name as the editor that published buzz (ian mccdonald I believe )... and then the grey hound bus and instead of fl (fruity loops) it is fl (fred loya) with his advertisments on the bus instead of buzz...

And mohamed sayed unto the nation of islam get two 9 month pregnent black chicks and then call the white guy who writes buzz plugins a pervert.. Go ahead and commit a murder it is bush's fault.. It's no one's jusrisdiction.. mohammed says we are working at sitel at the 711 (cpl building and former world headquarters) building and it is bush's fault... Just send some money back to dallas for the holey land foundation... we are so holy, holy. For it is on the internet as well as on the street and the planes are going to fall out of heaven.

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