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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


we are all crazy..

corpus christi ..... It goes something like this.... The burger king biskets are barely burnt and then they have a little bit of an after taste.... A few days latter the biskets from yesterday are left in the bisket warmer and they are burnt again along with some eggs... So I offer to pay for the bisket and had an employee taste the bisket. employee says the bisket is good.. but I remeber the same color bisket being passed over in the morning by another employee.. We can tell the difference and we get only the best but we have to sell the other stuff also. It seems like having the biskets and the oven is expensive at night and we would be better off just replacing the system or turning the oven off and letting people know that we have sold out if we have to.. electricty and all plus we have a microwave Does burger king make any money from it.... (about the oil someone asked me once)... We are freezing all the waste now.. We could be doing alot of things.. hiding a dead body in thier later on.. We could be enviremental terrorist complaing about the cardboard and plastic not being recycled...

Company policy short someones check and then on monday night when we don't need two people anyway have backup for when the person quits. have backup try to get in the way and look,....

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