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Monday, September 08, 2008


andrews distributing

I was taking the andres distributing test.. realy it is a test about life, you know he's your buddy and well we ( miller ) have always been our buddy we give them awards and stuff and well I hit the wrong button and didn't charge you tax on that one item... It happens that's life... They don't seem to promote themselves on the internet well.. you would thing that they would combine marketing and you would see it on thier building and such... Plus some google adds on the side that would probily end up mainly being add's from the headquarters somewhere in canada or south africa (I would do it for a flat fee of course and even use spell check). back to the math test I have all the answers but I was wanting a donation and I want it all in small amounts... tell your family it is for dexters music software and I will hook you up.. h a ha ah ha ha

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