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Wednesday, September 17, 2008



burger king corpus christi texas. jesse was working last night. This is intresting ... We get the black chick and younger (maybe according to apearence) black chick with carrol high school shirts and then the black child.. I am writing a parser and ignored the child.. then a older fruity person sits in the booth next to me and shakes both benches (because of the way bk is constructed.) this is followed up by jesse in the restroom and the crapper being occupied but the urinal next to him is empty.

I suspect this is more of the pervert stuff we yell back and forth to each other now because law suit abuse may cause a probem with ccisd's raise this year and the catholics would pay for medical care. We are talking about the stuff that is ccpd's policy of non-enforcement and the control of comunication stuff where the word pervert is used often and that is why ccisd teachers deserve a raise even though they were marketing tobbaco to 14 year old kids... When the other manager was doing that with his kid we would get an older black woman who would say pervert in some fashion outside the burger king drivethrough.. It is hard to tell if it is all the manager and then prediction of behavior or if child exploitation is part of what the black chick is doing.. buitiful people and we give them black shirts like priests at the b.k.

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