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Saturday, September 06, 2008


burger king 911

burger king corpus christi texas ...... It isn't fair to the rest of the homeless people that I am inside and they are outside.. I bet they are exc.. exc.. They come over with thier kid... come closer closer exc.. exc.. The kids pants are loose and the homeless person is holding him up towards the roof.. I am planning on locking him out and letting all the other homeless people inside.. He seems to be realy close to the family but he mostly sleeps outside and hangs around the greyhound..

someone is giving me a 911 source or making fun of the newspaper.. I know the real truth.. the coastal \ cit go people don't like alcholics because a sample of what the smoke is doing to their lungs and voice is being made at the karaoke bar.. The date is in the sidewalk.. (step on the 1) and coastal environmental is also near a marking that says (march 2001)... Thor is a public company that does business in the Netherlands and it travels to the Netherlands with them.. I think there is a reason why Venezuela is worried about being invaded.. It has to do with conscious, deals that were made and what they did with the info..

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