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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Corpus Christi Gas Department is against electicution

The Corpus Christi Gas Department is against Electicution..... I don't know about the headline but down the street (star street) from grey hound and around the corner the C.O. Powel 1911 mark is in danger of being altered again by the gas department. There is already a gash near by where they went in a first time to repair the line now there is paint marking where the gas is for some reason... DEATH PENILTY CASE maybe....

I am getting the idea people don't like the word short trade on my vst stuff... tuff... My (downtown) burger king check is short.. I get overtime every week clock in befour 11 and then leave between 7 a.m. and 8 am with no break... how does that come out to 39... one word thief..

Maybe (probily) a somewhat fictionalised account based on a regae record shop in a motel that was torn down when the new federal court house was built...

You listen to what kind of music... ray music.... and they would dress up like women to go the crawdady's resteraunt (on star street) to prevent lawsuit abuse by not allowing the coastal (refinery now citgo) employees to sing... You went to what type of club.. (not one where they can hear your voice and study it I hope)

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