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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hurricane ike

Hurricane ike is coming to corpus christi texas... we are all doomed... We ( burger king ) are going to be open. I didn't realy see much that was worth photographing on wednessday morning, but they (news people they) were saying originally board up on Thursday. I did go by the doctors office on almeda that was burnt.. I have had some trouble with pysdogangs.. some "tagging gang" at some point spraid painted my old url at onetime close to apac.. I probily have them beat and have my choice of magazines to "tag". I am sure some of these are cover stories. etching concrete is the type of thing that might make me want to break your fingers.. The old sidewalks have dates that could be altered to hide their contents.. I looked at it and saw the OA tag that I have seen down texan (Part of an ate group??)... and I saw mise.. and then were they broke the windows.. maybe the m is upside down wise as in unwise.. If you look at the tagging as being dependent on location for symbolic reasons then the doctor is just a symbol for general or dennis (dennist).. The "male nurses" that take the bus are atracting a bunch of nonsence that involve the cops all the time. Plus the security people across the street and neiborhood watch are all over the texas/alameda intersection all the time.

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