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Sunday, October 19, 2008


The holes, the drug addicts and the priests

corpus christi texas (tx). I am walking down chaparral street between the greyhound station and twig street and I see the covers off of what is probably a water line access... someone asks me for money I tell him I am a restaurant employee I have no money.. I start talking about going to where the cops (an ambulance and firetruck) are at and see if they have a cone or something. He says he don't want me following him because I ticked (rated pg version) him off because I don't have any money and he doesn't want me to follow him.. I had to tell the cop who was giving out tickets at the burger king perhaps he missed one that got away but there was another car so they probably busted everyone..

I started to hear voices around the catholic hospital... I said outloud I hear voices it is gods way of telling me he wants me to talk about prostitutes.. Then I see a person dressed as a nun drive by (perhaps for safety reasons if you are going to be dis-respectful you want to know how you are going to fare before you attempt further contact?), someone I think is playing devils advocate and then the pseudo-priest that rides on the bus.

next post is the 911th for this blog.. I should do two I suppose.

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