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Monday, October 20, 2008


The economy the second attack ( The owe bomb )

It looks like the second attack the owe bomb... Here is something a little odd to roleplay... colin1911 (or 911) supports the owe bomb (the debt crisis)... How does this work are you for cain (and the help cain gives to people crossing the border, including citgos owners help) or are you for the owe bomb getting rid of all the jobs.. If you look at it that way it doesn't realy look like an election it looks like the decision was already made.. I am looking at xblite because I am looking for graphic routines where ever they hide.. looks like I can do a multi-platform slider compiler.. code converters such as bcx basic to xblite (the easist) and then back again and it looks like I can release alot of templates to speed up programming like I did with bloodshed pascal (my version is much, much more up to date than thiers)...

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