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Saturday, October 18, 2008


jazz festival

corpus christi texas.. You can hear the jazz festival from the burger king parking lot.. Friday and Saturday night only down the street in the park with all the old houses before you get to the American bank center, plus we are open all night so you can grab some food from the king.. And boss woman says I can't do anything right..

and now for something that is purely evil... I am taking the bus home (Saturday morning) and I reach staples station and this man is smoking around his(?) kid and it almost looks like he is trying to make sure the kid can't avoid it.. He was hunched down at one point sorta facing the kid.. One of the bus drivers walks by and then the religious guy who hands out the messages from Dallas is coming closer and the guy gets up and has the kid get up like he is trying to avoid getting caught at whatever stupid thing he is up to.. The man looks white and the kid looks Hispanic (or tanned).. They take the 19 to sacky... I suppose it is his word against mine and the security video tape the county has.. sick people..

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