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Saturday, November 29, 2008


burger king tattoo's

burger king corpus christi...

This chick at apac tells me that three dots symbolises that she is in an alternative relationship or some non-sense.. If they are in a strait line they are supposed to mean me and the homies and not me and the homos. five in a strait line is original gangster.. heres were in a triangle and I sounded pretty dumb, she realy is going around saying that though. A little tattoo humar that I missed and it freaked out the chick I was working with but she is saying they think she likes women, So I told her about the apac chick

A tattoo of three dots in a triangle, usually found between the thumb and forefinger, or the bottom corners of the eyes, stands for "mi vida loca" ("my crazy life"), or the three major connections of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Along with the pachuco cross, it is a popular "generic" tattoo among Latino teenagers, and may or may not be direct connection to gangs. The tattoo has also been adopted by Vietnamese teenagers, along with the similar interpretation of "tôi không cần gì cả" ("I need nothing"). A teardrop tattoo is said to indicate that the wearer has killed someone, or a friend of his/hers was killed in prison. It is worn by the eye.

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