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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


burger king thanksgivings..

corpus christi texas burger king ... It is just a coincidence I am sure she only looks happy when I am bleeding or something.. monday morning she wasn't ruthless or anything.. the maintence guy looks like he is almost dead though.. She's been giving him a hard time.. I work with her tonight...

The, devil devils advocate exc exc.. The improtant thing is to set something up so it could happen if you are not carefull but not do it... I may have a problem with the whole concept.. We are not going to cause the accident we (we in the sarcastic sence) are going set up the conditions and then hope it happens..

I think rob is playing around with the camars... It goes something like.... what goes through his mind exactly some suggestive stuff from the camara view and then the gm chick... Like staring in a retaliation flick... It's not a good gig, and it is hard to predict... If I can predict it I can make fun of it.... I think I am working til 7 am with jessica but I am not sure...

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