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Thursday, November 20, 2008


gm...let them play golf

I am not advocating this but gm is worth something to the bondholder even for instance if someone buys the plant in wentzville mo (Near the house I used to have).. tears it down and builds a golf corse... In addition to the "cost" of lost taxes exc estimates that get thrown around there is the cost of fear.... It costs alot to wait... I have heard some claims that it may lead to an end to democracy or desires either way may be why someone would let it fail.. everything is paralised by the fear of what is going to happen... fear itself could be sending stuff under..

co powel 1913.... I am roleplaying this one out...

There is an atourney named mark. and then across the street one named rene.. A wilson sign with a radio active symbal (advertising apartments).. Then you pass by the iranian resteraunt equipment supplier (jeans) and channel 6... this is all agnes near staples more or less..

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