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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

burger king corpus christi ..... You know the drill ... sometime early in the morning I start to hear voices... So I start saying....

I hear voices, I feel bad about myself, I am going to go do drugs just like it says on the skitzphrania wiki.

It's supposed to be adom and eve not adam and steve. I am not sure what happened but my theory is that someone reached around someone else for a chicken for a salad and one of the parties freaked out and reprogrammed the board... It's called ev basic... It may have something to do with an Ethernet board but I really don't care that much unless I am the one who has to fix it.. I am getting 7 operating systems in the mail (or seven versions of one operating system depending on your views on Linux)... I can boot from a thumb drive now so I can have as many operating systems as I want... There are some unusual sound programs that you just don't have for windows and you can do some things that are not possible in windows so I am excited... I wouldn't give up windows it go.. turns out that thumb drives can be as little as $13 for a new 8 gig flash drive plus there is half a dozen small disk formats with adapters and they look like they are all going down in price..

simulation games airplanes and resteraunts come to mind.... I am hope kermit is just the object of ridicule and not a terrorist. We seem to get person after person who plays devils advocate with safe food handleing... I saw his name on a music board where attacks may have been (or may have been) roleplayed in the past... kermit he is french (frogs are french according to some or the french are refered to as frogs)... on another site I wrote software for in 2001.... the about box has changed and hans christianson is scrolling about and we watch hans. He seems to look for other ways to be gross like sticking to much mayonese in one spot or ways to serve food where it is very dry...

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