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Thursday, December 04, 2008


co powel 1911

corpus christi... texas

carancua street .... I may have the spelling wrong.. it goes something like

laura (lawyer where's your cheney at)
pres (first Presbyterian)
copowel 1911

(not directly in front but you see it when you are walking that direction from st James Episcopal

sorta like taking credit for someones death... hard to tell...
what happens if you run it as a conspiracy where the only
reason it didn't hit the white house was because bush wasn't there.

across the steet it goes

coastal environmental (coastal is a precursor to citgo)
copowel 1911 is in the sidewalk the date is sandblasted off the
sidewalk but I don't think it is completly gone...
I used Silivia and came up with a 2
could be a mark like june 12 1911 (I saw one of those by star street)
I might try cool aid

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