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Friday, December 19, 2008


robbery near executive surf club...

I had left the strip club and was walking the rest of the way to work at the burger king in corpus christi when all of a sudden two men started to aproach me from the corner. One of them appeared to be a homosexual trained in the craft of selling used cars the other was to tall to be considered a migit. The bigger one was trying to flank me and I had to put a stop to that right away I was going backwards to where the cops were located at ready to go at full sprint speed. After I told him where he needed to stand he told me his well practiced story.. I usualy don't ask for money but... he tells me his situation and I showed him my hat and told him the story of my life.. I am just a resteraunt employee if you don't believe me look at the hat I have no money and told him you don't want to aproach people like that.....

The black chick at the club though... You flesh one of those boney black chicks up and they are even better.... I was feeling to much pain to play the game on the counter but I donated a quarter to see the graphics go by.... then I left into the night...

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