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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We were going to help you until that lawyer....

The best type of case for me is a wistle blower case or an insurance fraud case where I get a %... followed by a case of product from coca-cola... (held by bershire hathaway not by me personily).....

I am going to roleplay around the corner again at st james episicpal.... (we are trying to piss you off)....

minor ...... stamped on the sidewalk beside the entrence (I think)..
co powell 1911

I will have to go by that again... there is a way to walk by that... As someone says there is so much corruption that is in (*&()&E view it isn't funny.... (camaras are everywhere and I may be getting some audio from it)...

I think it is walk towards the ocean from st. james

minor ....... (like marketing tobbaco to 14 year old kids)

turn on caranqua

then you have the co powel 1911 markings... (like my death over at sitel where some old black person is harrasing me)...


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