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Monday, January 05, 2009


Hyundai (bad marketing campain)

We have confidence in you so if you loose your income in the first year just bring your car back....

What are you saying about yourself if you buy a Hyundai, I have no confidence and I am going to loose my job. What I am looking for is the company with nothing but Hyundai in thier parking lot and then I am going to short it... I bought a little bit of merril lynch bonds now owned by bank of america at around 60 cents on the dollar simple interest at around 10.5 11 %.... I don't see any realy good trades so I buy a little hear and there... the average recession is supposed to see defaults at around 10%... The yield on quest is around 17%... truely insane the stock only yields 8%.. 100 share min though (it's a bond cut up not a perferred)

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