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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hyundai we know where you live (maguire properities)

I was making fun of them saying I was going to look for the company with all the Hyundai's in front of it and short it. I found the finance division it lives in california (la I think) at maguire properities ticker symbol mpg a favorite of shorts and you can find several blogs at seeking alpha about them going under... It could be an intresting company for roleplaying purposes... thier twin towers.. the hope building.... why did you go bankrupt it was mpg... exc... exc... They only have around 200 plus employee's but the thing is they may be reapling for thier jobs in addition to it being a favour to Hyundai plus the promise of returning the car in the first year if you loose your job... This one may be worth going through the street names around the building to get a better feel of it..

the play is for some people to short the stock and insure it with the comulative perfered.. (neither pays a dividend.. but the perfered dividend if still owed until bankruptcy)

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