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Thursday, January 15, 2009


maguire properties possible dump then pump scenario

We now have three stories in a very short period of time (typical of pump and dump schemes) and it could be taken figuratively because of the ticker mpg. A dump the pump scheme (or a dump and them pump scheme).. after what we saw that looked like short covering the former president announced he bought alot of common share throwing into doubt the bankruptcy and giving the preferred a perceived value that now includes one interest payment. both the common and the preferred went up.

In addition to the ticker symbol being mpg it is also where Hyundai motors finance division is.. We have confidence in you so I suppose that after the former president got rid of his Hyundai he is now trying to buy his way back in as president of the company. Exactly who is doing what insider trading,planting articles, pump and dump exc.. it is all circumstantial but it looks like someone is doing something questionable

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