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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


early voting

corpus christi texas .. election early voting it "works" like this.. heavy audio abuse befour voting starts a police department that says the abuse is bad but they can't do anything and then reduced audio abuse when voting starts... A deal or a list with the feds is what is implied.. Inside the mind of a serial killer.. Black angels get points based on the type of white person they have killed... To get your black angel wings you would have to kill four white childred, 5 white women or nine white men.. It is realy hard to tell if you have something that could be inspired from one of the nation of islam sites that could inspire someone to try to keep someone from leaving during the next huricane in order to get thier kills.. The same reason why there is a tanning place near the copowell1911 marker to kill some of the white women with cancer to get the black angel wings..

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