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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


route 6 6 6 6 6 6 6

corpus christi rta ... Today by the number 6 We get someone who is trying to look as much like a pervert as possible including a t-shirt with a logo that implies an orginazation that is around kids... He is there when a student walks by lifting his shirt up and then when the students leave he just barley appears on the route 6 bus and then walks away... far far away... Now if I was in law enforcement I would have to wonder what he is doing or if he is playing devils advocate about burger king food... The man who wants to prove he is a pervert and then go to your restaurant.. We have seen this befour... I had another electrical shock monday, befour I went to knuckleheads to put in my app and more importantly the conspiracy resume.. I am hopeing to get some source code for my paino roll prety soon.. I have another 911 site to post the conspiray to...

speeking of scripts...

I am a cop (meaning you gentle reader for the sake of argument are the cop in question not litraly I am just an underemployed programmer) and I spot my pray.... I turn on a street befour the catholic hospital and the two blacks yell (ok one is yelling to are there) what are you looking at and then one tries to outrun me and then apparently screws it up so bad because of steriod like intensity that he could have lost his life right there... I may be one of those people later... makes it look like he was planning to assualt me as a coverup of my 911 photos... being the cop of corse I think I would have been able to shoot the person who kill coka cola boxes with one downward motion to protect the steriod using public... (until I figured out it was easier to soak them).... turning around though later on I have something on the black person also (he realy should try to make a deal the person who talked him into that may do him in).... This isn't fact that I saw him with a gun drawen just that I saw him befour it happened and that alot of times the cops aren't there for a shouting match and never notice, never in fact do they see these shouting matches very odd..

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