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Thursday, April 30, 2009


burger king when pigs fly

corpus christi texas. I suspect we are running scripts to put more pressure on my hand... I figured out a way around the impact injury from the duke grill so it doesn't matter... The deal with the tomato's exc... I might be able to fix the broiler completely, depending on weather someone is intentionally damaging it to get drugs.. The good news for the Jehovah's witness and there complaint against lawsuits is the store won't get into trouble the bad news is that a Doctor is probably performing procedures he doesn't need to be doing and charging united health care for them. When I was young I was tought in a breakaway part of the church of science that many people are in pain because god doesn't like them and they don't deserve pain medication. There are some exceptions though, and god doesn't like the doctor who quacks. I am looking at this swine flu stuff and noticed a story about a coast guard employee (o.k. member)... and the coast guard air station.. (is there really one).... most of them are towards the downtown area..

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