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Thursday, April 23, 2009


cover letter to berkshire hathaway cia...

burger king dairy queen corpus christi texas ...
A note befour I print this it is buck days in corpus christi... or buc...

When I was a young man I was around people in the convience store buisness that hated me. They wanted to benifit from my destruction and make a profit by deciding which children where going to live and wich children where going to die. They have made a buisness of getting those people who are considered undisarabele death and to have them pay for it. I know that it may sound like I just have a bad attitude as a burger king employee when I say this but I believe that zn elite few should make money by selling alchol and cigerettes to homeless people to try to make cash and to kill them quicker. That an alledged crime family (as reported by a prominent corpus christi paper) should not free rain on competing buisnesses such as yours. You may have recently discoved this buisness has teamed up with a resteraunt named after the drug capital of the world larado and all the glamour of sabatoge and drug dealing that is associated with laredo is currently being felt by those of us who compete with them. The devils advocate or better stated the Devil is on thier side and it is helping them with thier buisness.


This is how I am starting the letter anyway I am sending it and my resume to bill gates in care of berkshire hathaway dairy queen division I will have to post the rest of this in another post

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