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Thursday, April 02, 2009


He gave me a dirty look the deal is off

burger king corpus christi... sounds I have a list of people who potentially use harassment means to promote homosexuality at stripes,. Negative character references for prostitution cases exc.. He's a girly man and that's why I should eat food in the evening at burger king and then the more expensive plate at stripes instead of the chicken.. Someone I think has gotten the idea that they should throw the old cooked eggs into the new case (It doesn't hurt the eggs they get cooked at high heat) but it is mild extortion so that girly man gets more business. Maybe girly man will let you move in after I fire you, (if I get to fire you)..

I am getting stalked by a male nurse... He is trying to take the exits I take.. I think it is supposed to be mild pressure to walk down lepord street where I get mild threats from time to time.. I think he wanted to make it look like I was following him through the county jail parking lot.. o.k. I got the game I will just sit down and listen to a couple of songs, game over no where to go with it for him.. no contact no conversation...

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