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Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have this friend

corpus christi texas, burger king . I have this friend named randy ( that works at burger king ) and he keeps talking about doing himself in and then I got this other friend named chris who started to talk like randy ( about doing himself in ) and now I have this boss (I won't name him ) who might be trying to electricute himself or whatever to do damage to himself,,, feels that he deserves to be punnished or whatever...

I have these friends over at stripes who may end up investing all thier money in susser because thier confidence is up.... woo is yee ... the truth is that we may be trying to give you bad investment advice.. That is how it always starts and remember not only do you have peek oil theory but you have two replacement plans (electic and natural gas ) that dont require you to go to fill up a tank... Short trading fast food companies like burger king is also a way to end up on the road to ruin... bankrupcy and prostitution (organised crime style and if you walk out doors you can even point at the fbi's office).... now that you have helped short trade burger king and went to sussers (stripes) next door and said bad things about burger king you can now be used later when the crime family wants to seriously run a burger king, take back some of the buisness and short susser.. It is because they hate you people...]]

I am your friend and I would suggest a balanced aproach..

maybe some burger king shares
some coka cola..
some chinese electric car company (replace with name later)
and some mcdonalds (because the news release say they are doing well because they have good coffee

(declosure bershire interest so It would benifit me to expose insurance fraud) mooooo.

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