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Monday, June 29, 2009


1314 morgan street corpus christi

1314 morgan street corpus christi texas .... He doesn't really care if it is public property he is going to use dogs as a way of manipulation... He thinks he is being cruel to a homeless person and he beats on a trashcan with a stick to prove he is more of a man than a child... Now we have a new dog that isn't being kept behind the fence to bark at people this dog does his thing on the driveway and the sidewalk... really messy sidewalk.. I didn't check to see if there is water or not.. I think some of the neighbors have decided they will just use the old dog to wake the people up and that may be why the dog was disappeared to places unknown.. I found a grid of squares with an on/off state that I am starting to change into a configurable grid of squares with a border around then it is part of my piano/drum/sequencer grapics project.. rectangles pretty much all look alike it realy doesn't make much sense to rewrite them for every project..


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