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Thursday, June 25, 2009


in the money

My burger king ( corpus christi ) holdings are in the money now (meaning more than I paid) ... A day after I was hearing the voices real bad it happened.. We are still being sabatoged though.. I keep trying to figure out if that comes with an idiot who is shorting the stock.. It may have something to do with prostitution, It is hard to tell why nimrod (I work with ninrod) I mean normal is trying to serve raw chicken.. sushi doesn't fly... Ya that's my brother norman every day is like world war 2... I get thursday off so someone sabatoges the burger king you talk about it and when the orginized shorts go after stripes they can use you again... Someone bought a boatload of options burger king at $20 in october I think that pretty much means the acumulation in my account is over... It is still under $18 I think I am going after clc or bank of america bond units (If I can average a lower bank of america price wich is over 10% interest).. norman was looking depressed we will have to see if he wants to do himself in...


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