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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


janit davis serial murders and the dead man tuning..

burger king and stripes corpus christi. It's man street like mandolin, dead man tuning... ddad .... she's looking for a man who is like her ddad (stutter when you say that)... She talks about wanting kinds... It's music you know.. the bridge, the strings, the tuning, the voice that is unhappy that I am not driving a car over a steep bridge... It is setup for a murder... We do it every night... oh yea it is for inventory... the forensics... this is dead mans tuning the bloody meat that gets picked out of the metal.. the oil the voices... Stutter when you say it... ddad ... the black shirts like priests.. it's all death plus it is great for stripes when you sabotage burger king and they are your friends.. They can't molest children themselves and look good so they will try to use someone who has in the past to help sell stripes stuff.. What if I steel your food and I remotely resemble someone who is regesterd sex offender (or a police officer imating one). what if I promote the priesthood then will you give me a horror story about food.. What if I am a jackass and I have control of comunication.. How about I promote gods calling then will you help me sabotage burger king so I can get more stripes options..

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