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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


poached eggs

1213 17th 17 street in corpus Christi texas .. Someone stold three of my eggs so I get to guess what the point is... It's a threat to bake a cake because the oven is near some wooden furniture that won't catch on fire anyway, extortion maybe or because I will find out if McDonald's is having an organized sabotage problem near a stripes... I don't see a point unless it is extortion, I am liable to help someone out that asks... If it was my property I would be getting rid of the gas oven so my cash cow doesn't get killed.. the last egg was bad. I am close to be in the money for burger king stock profit wise, It's the mostly burger king portfolio including

McDonald's (because they make good coffee)
coke cola (ko)
burger king

I won't buy above $17.50

I found the nimrod python like compiler... This is great for parsers it is low on examples though..

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