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Friday, July 10, 2009


and so is norman

burger king, corpus christi texas. Norman is showing alot of the traits of a sexual pervert Wit older people where he doesn't understand boundaries exc. exc. we are hoping none of the 16, 17 year old kids do themselves in. Norman shows severe regression and he throws a tantrum if he doesn't get attention. The guy is over 50 this is a sign of severe mental problems. I don't want to die norman please open the windows when you take the natural gas powered broiler away from exhaust and move the food... One day norman will throw a tantrum the oxygen will be disappeared from the burger king and god will reject him and satin will too.... And so is norman. I have made my first contact with the aclu to see if I can get rid of my abusive wiretap problem.. I think it isn't enough I have to use the email..


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