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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


burger king

burger king corpus christi texas, The important thing is that the nozzle of the grease filter is screwed off and can potentially come off causing death or injury. It appears that the bun guy is trying to kill shorty. Every delivery we get a broken pallet near the bottom that makes the stack lean and crushes all the bread. Yea we are all going to have to make a deal and none of us are going to be available for a death row case... I always see michelle if something can potentialy kill (me anyway) come in the morning or evening, very odd, I don't know what that means though... coincidence probily.

Oh yea and we are realy using that much soap on the floor. It sort of looks odd but it is possible to use very large amounts of soap and to sabatoge the bags and not be stealing large quanties of it.. It looks so odd that I wonder if they are stealing from the other stores and then demonistating how it is possible to use that much soap... I wasn't looking the other day and I think someone put in half a bag of that stuff... I was just using a small amount of floor soap and degreaser... what I got was a big mess

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