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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


courtney love

burger king corpus christi texas .... Norman is having problems I clock in early and then I get into trouble... They have started to treat him like one of those people who come back to shoot everyone.. Either norman doesn't understand it isn't a dating service or there is some desire to go to court in the hopes of avoiding a death penelaty case "please I will do anything, any crime, anywhere, any civil case because I don't want to die". Sometimes people have to die and that is why we support the death penalty.

Phones create an excuse problem?? No it isn't attempted murder I am doing it to prevent a crime.. How about I get rid of the phone .. I think it is going to be threats to get the phone in my possesion. Then we will go back to why it isn't attempted murder.. (it's the mo, and I noticed all the people moved when the view was blocked by the stripes phones)... I think what I see are real homeless people and then later I will see someone who resembles a homeless person somewhat after a realy bad morning...

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