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Sunday, July 12, 2009


heavy abuse (sound) followed by drug offer near fbi..

omni fbi corpus christi texas.

heavy sound or skitzaphrenia followed by a drug offer across the street from the fbi. The government is stupid anyway you can tell them anything. If you have control of comunication you can blame all the terrorist related stuff on drugs.... I told him the last person I met was a mot i vaaated seller and almost got hit by a car. He said he didn't want to sell it that bad. Entrapment scripts for the omni's security camara's (we are talking 5 star security) Once it doesn't work though the script gets stuck though..

everything was different. The people were all on the other side of the street. Not on the greyhound bus side. closer louder (star street) and more importantly no witness to weather the sound was causing me trouble or not except for one person who asked me for money...


It's Dexter!!!!!! He's out there waiting for you to try to sell him drugs.. LOOOOK OUT FOR THAT CAR.......

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